Let our team at Data Technology help you design and deploy a network infrastructure that can effectively access centralized network services, and communicate with endpoints in a secure manner, ensuring a more efficient business operation and effective network administration.


VMware Virtualization Infrastructure

DELL EMC PowerEdge Enterprise Servers built on VMware ESXi virtualization technology with Windows Server  Guest Operating Systems. Infrastructure features and hosted services include:

  • vCenter High Availability Cluster using DELL EMC Storage Array  with ESXi Servers
  • vCenter Server – Centralized management of ESXi Hosts and VMs
  • vCenter vMotion Service – Live VM migration between EXSi Hosts
  •  Business Application Hosting – Centralized Application and Database 
  • Automated VM Backup Schedules and Recovery Service – Veeam B&R Enterprise
  • Daily On-Site VM Backup Repository  – DELL Enterprise NAS
  • Daily Offsite VM Backup Repository – Cloud Storage Service
  • Server and Storage In-Band Management  – DELL OME Server
  • Server and Storage Out-of-Band Management  – DELL iDRAC Enterprise
  • Centralized KVM Support – APC KVM Switch w/ KMM Console
  • Unified Endpoint Management Service – Company Servers/PCs/Smartphones
  • Directory Synchronization Service – Windows AD to Azure AD for M365 User Management
  • File Synchronization Service – Windows File Share to MS SharePoint Online Corporate Library
  • Enterprise Surveillance VMS – Centralize IP Surveillance Management and Analytics

Windows Domain Infrastructure

Windows Domain Network Infrastructure consisting of Domain Controllers and Member Servers with the following Roles and Services: 

  • Active Directory – OU Structure, Security Groups, Group Policies, AD Intrasite Replication
  • DHCP – Classless Subnet, DHCP Scope, DHCP Failover, DHCP Audit Logging
  • DNS – Static Records, Dynamic DNS,  Forwarders
  • RDS –  Multiuser Access to Central Business Applications
  • CA – Digital Server Certificates for Identity Management
  • NPS – RADIUS Authentication for Corporate Wireless Network
  • Windows File Sharing – Corporate Folders, Access Permissions, Mapped Drives, Access Auditing
  • Windows Print Sharing –  Central Print Sharing and Management
  • Volume Shadow Copy Service (VSS) – File/Folder Level Data Recovery

Core Switch Infrastructure

DELL EMC ToR Managed Network Switch  configured to perform Core Switch functions. Configurations includes:

  • Network Segmentation using VLANs – Corporate Network, Management Network
  • VLAN Trunking – Using DELL VLTi for Switch Redundancy, Load Balancing, Network Expansion
  • LACP – Uplinking with Access Switches for Holistic Network Communication
  • MGMT Port – Switch Management via an Independent Network

Network Security Infrastructure

Ubiquiti Managed Network Switch  configured to perform Access  Switch functions for Corporate Endpoint Communication:

  • PoE+ Support – PoE+ Rated Endpoints such as Wireless Access Points 
  • MAC Filtering – Whitelist Corporate Endpoints
  • Network Segmentation – VLAN Support

Unified Threat Management Appliance for Network Security:

  • Next Generation Firewall Access Policies
  • GateWay AntiVirus and Anti-Spyware Service
  • Intrusion Detection/Intrusion Prevention (IDS/IPS)
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) SSL and SSH Service
  • Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) Service
  • Content Filtering Service  (CFS)
  • GEO-IP and Botnet Filtering Service
  • Application Control Service
  • Virtual Private Networks – Secure Site-to-Site VPN and Remote Access VPN
  • WAN Optimization – ISP Load Balancing, SD-WAN Route Policies, DDNS
  • User Authentication – LDAP Integration, SSO Service

IP Surveillance Infrastructure

Enterprise Security Camera System for Commercial IP Surveillance.:

  • Enterprise Network Video Recorder 
  • Enterprise Cloud Managed Video Recorder
  • PoE+/PoE++ Network Managed Switch 
  • IP Security Cameras – Outdoor Rated, High Resolution, Night Vision, Weather Proof, Vandal Proof
  • Storage – Surveillance Rated HDD, RAID-5 Configuration, H.265 Video Compression
  • Network Segmentation – Dual NIC Support
  • Artificial Intelligence Based Video Analytics 
  • Mobile Support – Live View and  Surveillance Playback 

Remote Office Infrastructure

Branch Office Network Infrastructure for Local Network Communication and Corporate Office Resource Access:

  • EIA/TIA 568B Copper Structured Cabling with Cable Management
  • Network Access Switch for Wired Endpoint Communication with PoE+ Support
  • Wireless Access Point for Wireless Endpoint Communication 
  • Independent Fiber Internet Service 
  • Unified Threat Management Appliance – Security Zones, User Authentication, Activity Logging
  • Network Security Services – Firewall, GAV, ATP, DPI, IDS/IPS, CFS, Botnet/GEO-IP Filter
  • VPN Link – Secure Site-to-Site Tunnel for Corporate Resource Access via Fiber Internet Service

Enterprise Wireless Network Infrastructure

Ubiquiti Unifi Network Solution to provide Wireless Network Access:

  • Hardware: UniFi Gateway, PoE+ Network Switch, Wireless Access Points,
  • Wireless Uplink: Ubiquiti Wireless Bridge
  • Backup Power & Protection – APC Lithium-ion Smart-UPS
  • Centralized Network Management: UniFi Wireless Controller
  • Secure Isolated WiFi Networks –  Corporate and Guest 
  • Wireless Roaming between Physical Sites 
  • Network Security: Advanced Firewall Policies and Persistent Threat Management Services

Smart Power Infrastructure

APC Enterprise Online Smart UPS for continuous protection of Network Hardware from fluctuating power conditions and power surges.

  • Uninterrupted and Scalable Battery Backup Power for connected Hardware
  • High Density Double-Conversion Power Protection 
  • Dual Outlet Groups with independent Load Management Function
  • Smart Slot – Supports UPS Management over Local Network or APC Smart Connect (Cloud)
  • Green Mode support for High Efficiency Power Output
  • Energy Usage Tracking via built-in Energy Meter 
  • Smart Battery Management to maximize Performance
  • Predictive Battery Replacement Estimates

Conference Room Infrastructure

Logitech RALLY 4k Corporate Conference Room Infrastructure

  • Hardware: Logitech RALLY Speakers, PTZ Camera, Mic Pods, Hubs, Mounting Kits
  • Touch Interactive Control Panel: Logitech TAP
  • Virtual Rooms Support: Microsoft Teams Room and Zoom Room
  • Online Meeting  Support: Skype for Business, Google Meet, Cisco WebEx

Network Structured Cabling Infrastructure

Network  Structured Cabling Infrastructure for Commercial Buildings:

  • Leviton Structured Cabling Standards – Based on NEC/ANSI/EIA/TIA 
  • Leviton Backbone Cabling – Fiber 
  • Leviton Horizontal Cabling – Copper 
  • Leviton Cable Management and Labelling Standards
  • EIA/TIA Cabling Testing and Certification 
  • 20 Years Warranty on Structured Cabling System