Q-CELLS – Solar Panel Traceability

TRA.Q Protects you from forged solar modules!

The TRA.Q™ marking technology: if it says Hanwha Q CELLS, it is Hanwha Q CELLS. Genuine Hanwha Q CELLS product offer guaranteed quality. The solar industry is swamped with forged solar modules. Customers who buy these do not receive the quality they have paid for but inferior quality, sometimes even risking fire hazards of the modules.

With solar technology from Hanwha Q CELLS you do not need to worry about this. We have been the first manufacturer to introduce the patented Traceable Quality (Tra.Q™) marking technology that allows reliable and seamless traceability of each Q CELLS cell.

The solar cells are the heart piece of any PV system. By now hundreds of producers of solar cells are on the worldwide market and their cells are used – also by other renowned branded producers – and product piracy has unfortunately become an issue for the photovoltaic industry as well. So who is to know which heart beats inside their solar module?

At the start of the production all Q CELLS solar cells are marked with an unforgeable “Data Matrix Code” storing, amongst other data, the time and place of the production as well as the material batch. Tra.Q™ is the fingerprint of a solar cell, so to say, and with it also of each solar module. The code is placed at the centre of the cell and can be read by scanner. This allows to trace and optimise the whole production process.

This is good for the buyer and protects the customers from any bad surprise. Who buys Q CELLS will receive genuine Q CELLS quality with all its benefits.


When you buy fruit at the market you have the right to know where it was grown. We think this same principle should apply to solar cells and modules. You can feel secure knowing that you have bought a genuine Hanwha Q CELLS product – and this also makes it possible for us to both keep an eye on and optimize our production processes. Traceable Quality (Tra.Q™) enables us to completely trace the entire manufacturing process for each individual solar cell – this includes the serial number, the date and location of production and even which material charge was used to make the cell. We can thus better analyze errors and even improvements as they arise and integrate them into our development process.


Solar cells are the heart of any PV facility. There are now hundreds of solar cell manufacturers – including brand-name companies – whose cells are made all over the world, and, unfortunately, product piracy has also hit the photovoltaic industry. How can you know exactly whose heart is actually beating in your module? We know for sure what’s in ours and we can prove it beyond a doubt. Q CELLS solar cells that carry the Tra.Q™ label can be clearly identified. This ensures transparency and means you can count on secure yields thanks to Hanwha Q CELLS.


With Tra.Q™ every wafer is labeled with a unique code. Thanks to specially-developed laser technology, the wafer isn’t damaged in this process. The code can then later be read with a special device. Tra.Q™ is like a fingerprint for a solar cell. At the moment, Hanwha Q CELLS is the only solar cell manufacturer to offer the patented Tra.Q™ labeling technology.